Mtn X Dna

Mtn X Dna es la serie de manos de Method Magazine y Monster Energy. Esta vez con Charles Reid, uno de esos riders todo terreno. Como no, nos dejan un buen video con algunas de sus sesiones. Una vez más queda claro lo potente que es el equipo de Monster Energy. Para finalizar, no te pierdas el primer episodio de la serie.

Reid cut his teeth, and gained quite a considerable following, as a content ripper, landing a number of high profile podiums in the mid-aughts and early 2010s, like a 3rd place finish in slopestyle at the 2008 Burton US Open, a 1st place finish at the 2008 Oakley Stylewars Slopestyle, a 3rd place finish in Dew Tour slopestyle in 2011 and many more.

More recently, Reid garnered attention for his quarterpipe riding chops and the style he brings to natural terrain, and it is perhaps this prowess for which he is best known. His transition toward more big-mountain focused riding has been masterful and has continued to shape his general love for the outdoors. We explore his snowboarding roots, that passion for nature, owning and flying a plane and much more in this latest MTN x DNA.

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