Poveri Noi Ful Movie

Poveri Noi es el video de Rusty Toothbrush de 2018. Esta vez nos lo dejan para pasar la encerrona. Cómo no, siguen en su linea y nos traen otra entrega con su visión del snowboard.

“Poveri Noi” is Italian for “Poor Us”, A title that was intended ironically when released for download in 2018 but a title that couldn’t be more relevant today as we battle the COVID-19 crisis that is effecting Italy and the rest of our friends around the world. Seeing as most of us are now on lockdown stuck at home we have decided to release our feature length movie from 2018 FOR FREE for all to see! A pure fun, no hidden message, 50 minute snowboarding mash up full of good laughs and good friends. Let’s hope it’s not too long till’ we can all be back out doing what we love most “poor us…. POVERI NOI!”


Más vídeos en www.ilovemyboard.com

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