The Bruners Video 3

The Bruners Video 3 es la tercera entrega de esta crew. Como no, nunca esta mal echar un vistazo atrás. Los protagonistas son Seb Picard, Mas Seguin, Nic Roy, AxelStall, Vince Grandmaison, Dillon Ojo & Russell Beardsley, Emile Veilleux.

Note pierdas el homenaje a Dillon Ojo, Ride In Peace

Recuerda que puedes ver muchas mas cosas en

«The Bruners have slowly and not-so- subtlely captured the street scene in Quebec. This talented collective of under-supported snowboarders took things into their own hands, creating a scene and a captivating collection of clips that are both unbelievable and inclusive. Put a smile on your face and watch this extraordinary group of friends do what they do best.» – Kingsnow magazine, 2018.

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